Professional M2MCare services by DataPlane
DataPlane provides M2MCare services for a wide range of M2M network solutions and M2M applications.
Regardless which operator you currently use as the "air time" provider for your M2M fleet, we can monitor your M2M fleet, pro-actively scan for incidents, solve identified problems, perform routine operations/maintenance tasks, manage/track incidents and problem tickets on your behalf towards third party service providers.

We provide SMC/NOC services to monitor all your M2M connections and applications across any 3rd party network regardless of the M2M field of application i.e. Agriculture, traffic-control, transport-net systems, Vending systems,
TeleMetry / TeleMedicine / SmartMetering etc.

While other M2M network providers focus mostly on selling you M2M "air time" packages, our focus is on the service quality, availability and monitoring. YES, we actually care about your M2M connections and devices!
What is the status of your M2M terminals? Are your M2M devices supposed to be always online? or are they supposed to send/receive data every 15 minutes instead? We will keep track of your M2M connections and make sure they do what they are suppose to do.

DataPlane is the missing piece between service providers (Mobile Operators and M2M air time providers) and business customers. With our years of experience in delivering services to business users we are quite familiar with the common problems faced by these users. We can help prevent these problems quickly and efficiently!

Dedicated M2M network (M2Core)
DataPlane is an independent network services provider. We offer M2M network connection services to our customers who choose to use our M2M network. We provide reliable/secure M2M connections without passing through third party M2M "air time" providers.

M2Core is a secure network dedicated only for Machine-to-Machine (M2M) communications. We make use of the access network of Tier-1 mobile operators in the UK and abroad to establish fast / secure (GPRS/UMTS/Wifi) M2M connections. Our customers can make use of our services in over 130 countries.

"Air time" packages
We know there are quite some M2M "air time" deals out there which are nicely packaged to look "cheap" when in reality they are far from it. In most cases your M2M connections are routed over a clogged multi purpose network which wasn't meant for Machien-to-Machine comminication in the first place.

We provide secure M2M connections for 7 Pounds per Month with a fixed, private or public IP on a 5Mb sim! Customers with more than 300 M2M devices get extra discount depending on the actual number of M2M devices.
We are efficient, straight forward and above all we actually care about the qualtiy and status of your M2M connections, applications and devices!


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