Designed For Massive IoT

Global Availability

Deploy IoT devices anywhere in the world and use any of our access gateways around the globe.

Freedom At Last!

No Lock-in, no special Libraries, SDK or Gateways to install, no long-term contracts, Enterprise grade services that does not break the bank.

Deploy & Scale Seamlessly

Automate Device bootstrapping, Device key distribution, Access Gateway discovery, periodic auth key refresh and more.

IoT Awesomeness Unleashed

High-Performant IoT Stack

Our open device and data management global cloud services is specifically designed to serve billions upon billions of IoT devices.

Hit the ground running

Its quick and easy to customize services, features, settings, flow control and data delivery strategy using service templates and upstream profiles.

Master and Device Dashboards

Gain insights into your device status, location, data flows, message queues and much more.

Rich set of IoT Features

Easily define your own IoT service chains using service templates that are re-usable for any number of IoT devices.

Any Data Type

Any IoT payload including structured or opaque data, over raw sockets, CoAP, MQTT-SN, SimplyTiny, etc. we love them all :)


The highly efficient SimplyTiny flat string or JSON strings is supported with no libraries to install on your device!

Cloud Storage and Backup

Store and Retrieve any amount of data at any time. You are in full control of the meta-data and payload retention policy.

Bring Any Device

We'll take care of any data charset encoding/decoding, protocol conversions to/from your devices and upstream applications.

Notification Alerts

Receive instant alerts via API notifications whenever enabled device events are detected.

Roger That!

Message Acknowledgement are supported even for devices using raw sockets with no native acknowledgement capabilities such as UDP.

Resilience and Diverse feeds

Supports data transcoding, device data split routing criteria, geo-diverse data delivery setups and queues for re-delivery.

Device and Application Security

Multiple tier security schemes available such as Private Access Gateways, Device Auth tokens, X509/TLS encryption and more.

Upstream Applications

Integrate to your upstream applications using our secure APIs and or standard MQTT protocol to your cloud MQTT / RabbitMQ instances and or to your AWS cloud workloads using AWS SQS.

Direct VPN Peering

We support site-to-site VPN peering for securely conveying IoT data between your devices and our access gateways (Example cellular APN traffic peering).


We collaborate on business development opportunities with IoT services providers, network operators and other industry partners to innovate and co-create. Just get in touch!.

TrillionThings IoT Data flow

The service is available NOW for your IoT devices and Things anywhere in the world.

Do you need more? Such as:
  • Cellular Network APN Integration / Peering
  • Managed On-Prem / Private Network Deployment
  • Managed Deployments into Mobile Edge Compute (MEC) Platforms
  • SaaS/White Label services
Simply get in touch HERE to discuss your requirements!

TrillionThings IoT Data Orchestration Dashboard


Compare Compare package features

  • Device Data Transfer Supported

  • Device Initiated Auth Token Refresh
  • Protocol Conversion
  • Portal and APIs Access
  • Instant Message Delivery
  • Message Queueing (When Offline)
  • Message Auto Delivery On Wake-Up
  • Message in-queue Expiry
  • Max Payload Size (per message)
  • IoT Device Bundle
  • Number of Messages Per Day
  • Message Meta-data Storage
  • Message Payload Storage
  • Shared Service Access Point (SAP)
  • Dedicated Service Access Point (SAP)
  • Message Acknowledgements
  • Device Payload Transcoding
  • Split Routing Policy
  • Device Bootstrap
  • Message Broadcast Service
  • Virtual Test Device
  • Technical Support
  • Any Backend Application Integration
  • End to End IoT Security
  • Radius Auth Service
  • Minimum Term

Essentials (Free)

$0 Free

  • Bi-Directional Communication with:

    CoAP (UDP)
    DTLS Encryption
  • Up to 5 Days
  • up to 100 Bytes
  • 5 Devices Included
  • 200
  • Up to 15 Days
  • Support Ticket
  • -

Enterprise (Multi-Account)

$15Get a Quote

  • Bi-Directional Communication with:

    UDP / TCP
    CoAP (UDP / TCP)
    DTLS Encryption

  • 90 Days+
  • 1024+ Bytes
  • Unlimited
  • Unlimited
  • Unlimited
  • Support Ticket / Email / Phone
  • 3 Month

About Us

At we are specialized in developing highly efficient IoT communication solutions. The TrillionThings IoTGtw cloud service is designed and built by telecoms experts and pioneers of machine type communications solutions. The IoTGtw data orchestration service was conceptualized in 2009 with the aim of providing highly efficient communications method with global reach for simple machine-to-machine (M2M) devices over the cellular network signalling plane. Key aspects of the solution was patented in 2012/2013.

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